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Can I change the categories/buttons of the Dashboard?

Absolutely, you create your own customized Dashboard. You start with a blank page and can add buttons/text/pictures to populate your Dashboard. Itโ€™s as easy as creating a Powerpoint Slide. You can change button categories throughout the season.

Can I cut videos with

You can use your current video analysis software to prepare the clips you want to share with your team. You cannot cut or edit videos in You are totally free to choose the analysis software you wish to edit the videos.

Who can upload video to my Dashboard?

You can decide which member of your team is allowed to upload content to your Dashboard. This way your players could also add content if you need them to.

Is there an App?

Yes. is a web-app, which is installable simply by visiting your account on your mobile phone. You cannot find Playerdash in the App Store or Play Store. Here is detailed description on how to install the on your mobile phone.

Can I install the software on my computer as a program?

Yes, you can install a Desktop App on Windows and Mac through Google Chrome.ย Here is a detailed description how to do it.

Which files can I upload and share?

We support all major video formats: mp4, mov, avi, mkv.ย 
You are also able to upload pictures (jpg, png, tiff) and PDF.

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